Trends in Adult Education

A trend I have been observing in adult education is the increase in online learning. There are entire college and university programs dedicated to delivering quality education in a significant variety of areas from business to healthcare. There are massive online open courses (MOOC) which are becoming more and more prestigious, and opening up doors to students in areas where previously the opportunities may have been entirely unheard of. For example, students have flourished in these online courses and important people have taken notice. Two aspiring students from two very different parts of the world found themselves doing so well in a MOOC offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that they got the opportunity to participate in an MIT Bootcamp session, and are now slated to attend a formal program at MIT (From MOOC to Bootcamp, 2016).
These are students who, if the internet hadn’t opened up the world, may never have had the opportunity to attend such a prestigious school of technology. The number of great thinkers in the world has not increased, but the world’s access to them has. We think we are living in an age of information and knowledge now, but I imagine that our access to knowledge and understanding will only continue to grow as we expand the access humankind has to global connectedness and we tap into the minds of those which we likely would have missed out on a hundred years ago (or less).



From MOOC to bootcamp to MIT.  (2016, May 19).  Retrieved from


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