Learning Partner Skype Call

During my Skype call with Susan, we discussed a variety of trends in her area of work, as well as the trends she sees in adult education. In her field of work this included using learning management systems to make courses more accessible to workers in order to continue their learning. In regards to adult education trends, she discussed the concept of flipped classrooms and the ways in which training is provided in self-learning packages and then later practiced in a workshop.

Susan also described how she sees her work world changing as instructors become, as she described it, commodities. The explanation for this was that as corporations are growing and expanding, credentials such as a Provincial Instructor Diploma ensure that individuals are able to obtain and retain employment. Large corporations have very large employee bases, and often need to deliver training to hundreds of people in a relatively short amount of time such as over a few days. Having someone on staff with experience and training to effectively deliver this training is starting to be viewed as a real asset.

I found this image online which gives me a visual of what I imagine the flow of workplace learning to look like where Susan works, or perhaps in a corparation similar to what we discussed.




Ryan, W. J.. (2012, December 17). Learning in a social organization  [digital image]. Retrieved from https://mondaymorningmusings.org/2012/12/17/guide-me-and-i-will-learn-sooner/


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