Born and raised in small-town, rural Manitoba, I’ve always had my sights set on grand adventures.  Aside from a few rugged camping trips, though, I didn’t have many opportunities to leave my home province.  Since reaching that now seemingly-distant milestone of moving away from my parents’ home and setting out on my own, I have had the chance to experience life in a big, complicated, winding, and independent way.

I spent a couple of years living in Winnipeg, where I became a practical nurse and met my husband.  I worked in a big rural hospital and gained some extremely valuable experience working in health care with a strong, and knowledgable team.  My husband was transferred to Vancouver Island for work last year, so for the past 12 months I have been exploring the area and making new friends to try out new hiking trails and taste craft beers at various microbreweries with!  We added to our tiny family with a giant loveable dog and a kitten, the two of which are now inseparable.

I found it challenging to find a job in my field, so I decided to head back to the ol’ chalkboard and get a degree; a Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing.  My schedule still didn’t seem full enough, so I added a couple of online courses and here we are!  I started this program as an addition to my resume, as I eventually would like to teach in a university or college nursing program.  My husband says I’m a bit of a glutton for punishment – and I don’t know that he’s entirely wrong – but I like to tell him that if you’re not learning something, you’re probably dead!

– Rachael